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Crazy time statistics

Crazy Time is a unique slot that can be found in many online casinos. The entertainment is a wheel of fortune, the action in which is performed in live mode. Casino users should connect to the live broadcast and make bets. The company Evolution, which developed the game, decided to make a convenient statistics for players to be able to check the results and analyze the game by themselves. This will help you no matter which casino you play at.

crazy time story

Everyone can use the broadcast to watch Crazy Time gameplay. There are a total of 8 different sectors in the game, each with an individual chance of falling out. Also they have different RTP characteristics, so the gameplay becomes very diverse. In this regard, statistics Crazy Time all customers need. Live machine allows you to feel what the atmosphere of the real casino. The game is played live, not with the help of algorithms. The croupier conducts a real show, doing his task with the maximum fervor. To make it easier for players and not to worry about fake results, the whole gameplay is broadcasted in front of your eyes and it is simply impossible to tamper with anything.

What do players need Crazy Time stats for

The basis of the Evolution Gaming online shows are results trackers which help Crazy Time players rely on their stats when waiting for their desired reel sector to happen. The data from these statistics can be tracked to make bets on results that are likely to happen, unlike others. The wheel does not actually remember the results of previous spins. Each new spin is independent of what came before. The law of large numbers is all about alignment, but the real question is: after how many spins will that happen?

The Crazy Time players use statistics not only as data to analyze, but also as a kind of honesty check. All jackpots are recorded and can be checked by all visitors. In this regard, we can't say that there are no big winnings in the machine, and the players have no real benefits. The creators of the institution do not change the gameplay and RTP chances, thanks to which the game process will be as transparent as possible and everyone can win the jackpot.

Where to watch Crazy Time game statistics

A specific portal called Tracksino is responsible for tracking live Crazy Time stats. In addition to Crazy Time, trackers track games like Monopoly, Dream Catcher Deal Or No Deal and other machines from Evolution. This is a handy platform to compare and analyze all the results you need to create your own strategy.

The Crazy Time slot stats are an invaluable aid for visitors of all levels. This platform will allow you to win even more often, increasing the benefits of any strategy. You should use the official tracker website to get up-to-date information and save your personal data. The history of the machine provides all the necessary data for analysis. Nevertheless, it is possible to find scammer resources on the Internet, which can confuse even players with great experience. Carefully check all the sites you visit so that you do not trust the fraudsters.

Statistics can also be opened in the machine itself by clicking on the corresponding button, which shows the graphs (located on the left side of the screen). The initial position shows the last 21 rounds, but if you click the button, this list can be expanded to 54 positions. This information will be enough for most users, but if you need more data, you should use Crazy Time Stats. Users will have a list of winnings for the last rounds in front of their eyes. On the right side there will be a box with the nicknames and the sum of money, which is displayed in the currency you have chosen when registering to the casino. At the top you can find all the winners. Often the sums of several millions of roubles won by the participants of Crazy Time broadcasts are displayed there.

Where to watch the statistics on Crazy Time game

Trackers Crazy time stats

There are several Crazy Time gambling tracker sites that track slot stats, and can display the following types of data:

  • biggest wins;
  • how often a certain result appears in the past 24 hours;
  • the last multipliers;
  • Information of the last spins;
  • expected but not occurred spins;
  • average win statistics for each round.

All of the statistical data will be useful for players who wish to understand the principles of the machine. If you don't rely on data and stats and bet randomly, your wallet can lose a lot of weight.

When you look at weekly, monthly and all-time past games you can understand how the wheel works, the real odds of success in games from this publisher, memorize the frequency of all multipliers and bonuses displayed, and see the average winnings in each round with bonus values falling out. The best option is to use the crazy time stats to track games over the long haul. Let the dealer spin the wheel while you track the stats by sticking to your chosen tactics and get a multiplier of about x25000 on your bet right now.

Tracksino crazy time

Tracksino Crazy Time is a free resource, and does not collect payment for providing its services. Here you can understand the entire Crazy Time story for the time period you choose. You do not need to throw money anywhere, due to the completely free and open to all statistics.

  • Percentage of sector fallout;
  • The last match of the selected outcome;
  • The number of selected outcomes for the specified period;
  • Look at the Crazy Time in real time.

In the corner at the top you select the period for which you wish to see the stats.

  • Hour,
  • Three hours,
  • Six hours,
  • 12 hours,
  • 24 hours,
  • 72 hours,
  • Week,
  • Month

You can also display your highest payouts of the last time. This window often shows winnings with x2,000 or more. To make it clearer, on the resource you can see attached videos of Crazy Time with winning spins.

What statistics Tracksino Crazy Time shows

In addition to general gameplay information on the portal you can see a list of live dealers who broadcast Crazy Time for casino Vavada, Up X, 1Win and other famous casinos. Another page contains information on dealers, their game times and win statistics. Some of the users believe that some of the croupiers are much more interesting and playing with them will bring more luck. You can bet the biggest coin in pachinko to win.

Crazy time bot

Crazy time bot allows you to see all possible spin statistics, and this resource can track games by any time and date. You can also find there the popularity of distance bonuses, the best Cash Hunt multiplier spots, and the times when the highest amounts were won. The site also displays information on the last largest winnings, and there is a calculator of ready strategies, so that beginners do not need to think them out on their own. In short, this is the best bot for gathering all possible information about the slot, and if you want to learn it, you have found the right platform for it. All you have to do is sign up using email - all statistics will be sent to it.

What Crazy time history by games gives

What Crazy time history by games gives

Spin statistics will interest not only experienced players but also new players who have entered a gambling casino for the first time. You should open the real site tracker to see what bonus rewards and sector numbers have fallen in the last hours. Experienced users apply the statistics to analyze the potential fallout of certain outcomes. This information is used as the basis for creating your own tactics. Register on the Crazy Time Stats website to understand the frequency of the results, and to find out which of these are the least likely to happen. Players can use these statistics not only as analyzed data, but also to check the honesty of the characteristics of the slot. Any Crazy Time results are recorded and are available for all visitors to view.