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Crazy Time is a gambling app that can be seen in the top top shows that are popular with players from around the world. It is not standard entertainment, but a real fairy tale of a show, like a real wheel of fortune. During the game, the host spins a large drum, divided into 54 sectors, each of which has a different value. The aim of the user is to try to guess at which of the sectors will stop spinning. To play online in Crazy Time and earn money, you will need luck and good judgment. The developers of the slot do not cheat the players, and also here there are no computer algorithms with the probability of miscalculation.

For a full immersion in the atmosphere of the show, a real croupier spins the drum. In addition, there is a video slot at the top of the screen, which also gives everyone additional rewards. The reel has prize sectors with bonuses that will give a chance to rip an impressive amount.

Review of Crazy Time

Crazy Time is a game that uses statistics and mathematical algorithms to determine the result of each scroll. The algorithm works with a random number generator which assures us of a random result for each spin. Nevertheless, several factors affecting the result of the game - they may be the amount of money you bet and the value of the paylines enabled. The algorithm is needed to ensure that all players have an equal chance of winning, it is regularly checked by independent agencies so users can be sure that everything works honestly. Nevertheless, as with any other gambling machines, the institution has advantages, so the casino will always win.

Bright and interesting Crazy Time wheel is divided into 54 sectors, on its sectors you can see different multipliers and additional rewards. Their value and number vary and a full description of all values is given below:

Identifier Number of sectors Payout
x1 21 1 to 1
x2 13 2 to 1
x5 7 5 to 1
x10 4 10 to 1
Coin Flip 4 to x5000
Cash Hunt 2 to x10000
Pachinko 2 to x10000
Crazy Time 1 to x25000

Because of this slot participants have around 16% chance of hitting any of the above bonuses. In practice, it will be about once every 6-7 spins of the wheel. The croupier will spin the reel in different directions, so the chance is not predetermined.

Main features of the slot

Game Live Casino
Maximum payout x25000
Bonus Rounds Is
Demo Mode Broadcast only
Number of roulette sectors 54
Number of available outcomes 8
Minimum stake 10 rubles
Maximum stake 100000 rubles


Crazy Time is very different from other entertainment with a live dealer, Crazy Time is very different from other games because it has a live dealer who will be playing the game in real time. This will help you feel the full atmosphere of a real casino, have a good time, and win real money. First, players make bets on the sectors, then the dealer spins the wheel. The winner is the one who makes the correct bet and guesses the sector that will fall when the wheel stops.

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The essence of Crazy Time online

To participate in Crazy Time entertainment, be aware of these game features:

  • The wheel reel is divided into 8 payout groups, and you can see 54 sectors total.
  • Participants bet on different values, up to all. Each cell provides individual settings that indicate different values.
  • The activation of the reel in the online show takes place immediately after the croupier accepts all bets.
  • In the values of the game you can see multipliers from x1 to x10 and 4 bonus games.
  • The main part of the sectors with reels are multipliers that fall with higher frequency than games.
  • The video slot starts when the reel starts spinning. It is able to give additional prizes to the current bonuses or certain cells.
  • The bonus will be activated only if the sector horizontally matches the multiplier when scrolling.
  • Winners who guess with their bet.
  • The bottom left you can see statistics displaying all the past rounds. Before wagering you can watch the game as a spectator in order to understand all of the machine's features.

You should also not forget about the four bonus games that will be activated when the wheels hit their section. Depending on the game you choose to play you'll need to follow the rules in order to win prizes and other rewards. In this mode you can hit the jackpot and win huge money.

Winnings in Crazy Time

In Crazy Time you can find several outcomes with their odds. The maximum winnings can be up to 50 million rubles. When guessing the Bet customers will be multiplied by a certain coefficient. The total amount is proportional to the number of sectors of the outcome. For example, sector "1" is represented on the wheel most often, but also the payout in it is equal to the bet amount. All users decide for themselves how much they need to bet and the odds to win it. Regardless of the theoretical big X's, it is worthwhile to be as responsible as possible with your bet. Divide your balance in parts, so that you can win back in case of an unfavorable outcome. Remember that the gambling app is entertainment and you can't get guaranteed earnings. All users have a chance to win and lose, so there is no need to spend too much.

Top Slot

In this game you can see a special feature called Top Slot. It is selected at the beginning of each round, and it replaces any of the results with its multiplier. For example, for the result "5" it can assign a multiplier of x10, in connection with which, on a roll will be paid 10 times the amount of bets. In addition to results with a fixed payout multiplier, Top Slot can also be applied to additional rounds. This will give you more winnings when you get it in the bonus game. If you see the appropriate combination roll on the initial screen, it will happen.

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Crazy time bonus games

When you've already chosen a casino you trust, registered and deposited, it's time to launch live Crazy Time and go to see what bonus games await you.

Bonus Game Cash Hunt

Cash Hunt is a bonus game that can roll in one of 54 random multipliers. On a Cash Hunt roll, the odds get extra multipliers. All of the items on the wheel will be shuffled and covered by random symbols. During the countdown you will need to point the cannon at a section of the wheel. Use your intuition to try to guess which of the sectors contains the most favorable multipliers. When the countdown is over, the cannon will fire and players will familiarize themselves with the new multipliers.

Bonus game Coin Flip

Coin Flip is the reincarnation of Heads or Tails. This bonus game has the simplest rules, but it's also the most entertaining. On the screen you will see a coin toss with two sides. The system randomly assigns a certain multiplier to each of them, so visitors win x5, x10 and larger payouts. The side on which the coin falls on top is chosen. The bet can be increased up to a thousand times, especially if the Top Slot feature is applied. With a small multiplier the dealer can award another try.

Pachinko Bonus Game

Pachinko will be activated when this sector on the wheel hits. A wall will appear in front of you with each brick being a random multiplier with odds of x2000 and more. The dealer throws the puck, which will knock down the desired multiplier and increase the client's bet. In addition, in the lower section there is a "Double", it not only doubles the multiplier, but also allows you to play the round again. If the puck hits a small multiplier, the surprise could be an extra chance with a saving throw.

Bonus Game Crazy Time

This is the real cherry on the cake. Every customer wishes they could win big money with this bonus. You will see a new world called Tivoli. In the center of it appears a huge money tree. The player must choose one of several colors of arrows (yellow, green, blue), which will lead to a certain X. If you guess, this process can go up until the value increases to x25000.

How to start playing Crazy Time online

To get profits in Wheel of Fortune you need to follow these instructions:

  • Go to the website of the gambling club you choose, among those available are 1Win/PinUp/Vavada and others.
  • Further you need to register. You will need to enter your personal information and confirm your number or email. Next, you will need to make a deposit; the number of spins and your chance of winning depends on its value.
  • Then you go to Live Games and search for "Crazy Time".
  • Go ahead and place your bet by selecting the sectors you want and entering the amount for each.
  • It remains to press "Play", after which the dealer will start spinning the wheel. If you match a winning box you will be able to withdraw your winnings.

To withdraw your winnings you will need to verify your account by sending a funds transfer request, indicate the amount, then confirm the request and wait for the withdrawal.

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Features of Crazy time

To understand how to win at Crazy time at all when betting, keep in mind the game rules and their features. All players have a fixed time limit for betting - they have 15 seconds in which to decide on a sector and enter an amount. Fundamentals:

  • Bets can be placed on 4 bonus games or numbers: 10, 5, 2, 1.
  • Betting can be made on one, several or all sectors at once.
  • The wheel starts to spin with the video slot. If a number bet is played, Top Spin is used.
  • Minimum you can bet 10 rubles, and maximum - 100 thousand.

With the range run-up, this application will appeal not only to newcomers to gambling, but also to regular casino users who are used to doing all-in. In this show it is impossible to calculate every figure, or to rely on general analytics, choosing the optimal values. It is worth relying only on your luck, watching how the game goes and the number of large bets. Thanks to all of these indicators you can significantly increase your chances of winning a prize.

This game offers a number of great advantages that have made it popular with gamblers everywhere:

  • rewards with big X's;
  • professional croupiers who lead the game online;
  • all options to suit any budget, good minimum and maximum bets;
  • the highest RTP rate of almost 97%;
  • the atmosphere of a live classic casino;
  • the presence of live chat where you can chat with other users;
  • the possibility of choosing multiple sectors to minimize the losses.


Is there a betting limit in the online game Crazy Time?
Of course, the minimum bet in Krazy Time is 10 rubles, and the maximum is 100,000 rubles.
Does the game have an official website?
This game is presented at almost every existing casino. It is just a slot, one of thousands that can be found in the assortment of gambling club. Choose your usual platform and start the money game to enjoy the atmosphere of the slot.
Where to watch Crazy Time's broadcasts?
To view the broadcasts, you either need to go to the casino where you play, and find the appropriate section there, or go to the site with broadcasts, and find popular gamblers who play Crazy Time.
In what casinos is this slot?
This slot can be played in almost any casino where this entertainment is presented. The difference lies only in the percentage of RTP, so when choosing a slot machine you should consider this very indicator. Among the available establishments that you can trust, choose between Vavada, Up X, 1Win, Dragon Money, Izzi casino, Pin-up.
Is it possible to play for free in Crazy Time?
Demo mode in Crazy Time online casino is not available. Anyone can activate a spin and just watch what happens on his screen, but there is no possibility to bet with chips in the demo format. For this, your account must have real money, and without a deposit to play will not work. Nevertheless, the observation of the rounds will also help you understand all the features and rules of the game. This is suitable for beginners, who will be able to learn all the details, so as not to make trivial mistakes in the future. Live streaming is available to all registered players.
What is the RTP of Crazy Time?
The return to player ratio (return to player) of Crazy Time slots almost reaches 97%. This means that for every 1000 rubles that you bet, you can get a return of an average of 970 rubles.
Can I play Crazy Time from my phone?
This machine is one of those that are used by the largest number of players in the world. In this regard, there is a version of applications for smartphones and computers on iPhone (iOS), Android, Windows, Mac (MacOS). You need to open the application store on your phone Google Play or Appstore, then write in the search bar "Crazy time game" in English and easily download the file, choosing the application by review.
How much can I win at Crazy Time?
The maximum possible win in the slot, if all the stars come together is 50 million rubles. But these are isolated cases, usually the players' winnings are around 1000-100000 rubles.
Are all bonus rounds in Crazy Time games physical?
Bonus games have an exclusively online structure, which is broadcast from a special studio in real time. The wheel is spun by a specially invited dealer, who arranges the whole atmosphere of the show.
How do I withdraw money from Crazy Time?
To withdraw from the balance you need to go to your personal profile and use the appropriate function, just like in any other machine. Depending on the casino you play, the rules are different - the main thing is to verify the account and accumulate the necessary amount. It will be on your credentials already in 10-15 minutes.
Crazy Time game number - what is it?
Each completed round is given a unique number that indicates the time and date the game was played. For example, you have the number #18:13:45. It will contain 18 hours, 13 minutes and 45 seconds. Slot users will need it if they need to contact technical support if there are any problems or questions. You will get an answer shortly.
Does Crazy Time have an auto play mode?
Of course, to simplify the game all users can activate it by pressing the key "Auto Play". This option will help to repeat the same bet as many times as you want, specifying in advance the desired number of rounds.
What is a multiplayer game in Crazy Time?
Multi-gaming is a slot option that is most often needed by professional players or high rollers to increase their potential winnings. Each customer can use several gaming tables at the same time by opening several tabs in their browser for this purpose. This option can only be used by users who have registered with the site.