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How to play Crazy Time and win

Crazy Time is a great slot for having a good time and making money, suitable not only for avid gambling fans, but also for beginners in this field. Many players use tried and tested tactics and strategies to get a good result on the betting on the spinning wheel. We'll tell you the best gambling strategies to not only save, but also multiply your real money!

crazy time how to play and win

Registration in Crazy Time game

Crazy time is a game in which you must use statistics and mathematical algorithms to determine the results of each spin. The work is paired with a random number generator that guarantees the result of a random spin. This allows all customers to have an equal chance to win, even independent agencies from time to time check the machine to give everyone confidence in the integrity of the slot. As in any other gambling slots institution has an advantage, so the casino will always win. To get profits for every spin in Crazy Time you need to register and start betting. Follow a similar instruction for this:

  1. Log in to the site of your chosen club to play, among which are 1Win/PinUp/Wavada and others.
  2. Further, you will need to register. Enter your personal information, then confirm your phone number or email. Regardless of how much you deposit, how many rounds you have available and how much you stand to win,
  3. Furthermore, go to Live Games, and search for "Crazy Time".
  4. Now you have to bet by selecting the sectors you want and entering the amount of each.
  5. And then click on "Play", and wait for the dealer to spin the wheel. If you guess a square, you may take your winnings.

For your withdrawal, remember to verify your profile by submitting a withdrawal request with the appropriate amount. Confirm your withdrawal request and wait until you receive your funds.

Game Rules

Crazy Time is a slot game which you may yet see in the top of the list of the best games in which players from all over the world are interested. It is a wheel of fortune with a real presenter who spins a reel consisting of 54 sectors with different values. You will have to bet which of the sectors will stop to win money. As you could understand, to make money you have to subtly calculate what is happening and hope to be lucky. The developers do not cheat the players, and the probability of winning cannot be calculated.

To fully immerse yourself in the holiday atmosphere of the show, the drum is rotated in a special studio by a real croupier. In addition, at the top of the screen is a video slot, which additionally gives viewers a variety of gifts. The reel has prize sectors with which you can win even more bonuses. Regardless of the fact that winning here is not guaranteed, there are certain rules, following which you can increase your chances of winning in this machine. Follow such tips as:

  • Betting on segments with bonuses. Along with betting on a single segment, you can always split your bets into several smaller ones by betting them on several bonus segments. This can increase your winning chances.
  • Assess your chances of winning. Don't forget that the game has a theoretical RTP characteristic of around 96%. It's not a fixed figure, and it will change depending on which sector you bet big on.
  • Don't gamble. Remember that your playing budget is limited regardless of the results of your scrolls. In order to get a good result, set aside a budget that will not hit your pocket when you lose.

These are facts you should keep in mind when playing Crazy Time. By understanding the game you will be able to confidently choose the appropriate tactics to earn even more rewards!

Results and Payouts

If you are lucky enough to bet on a lucky sector, your payout equals your stake multiplied by your payout.

Identifier Number of sectors Payout
x1 21 1 to 1
x2 13 2 to 1
x5 7 5 to 1
x10 4 10 to 1
Coin Flip 4 to x5000
Cash Hunt 2 to x10000
Pachinko 2 to x10000
Crazy Time 1 to x25000

For example, With a stake of 10 thousand rubles and a multiplier of x5 you would win as much as 50 thousand! Each participant of the machine has a 16% chance on a roll of any area on the drum. This is about every 6-7 scrolling of the wheel. In reality, the chance is hard to calculate, because the dealer will spin the drum completely randomly in different directions.

Bonus rounds

In addition to the standard sections of the reel wheel marked 1,2,5 and 10, there are special sectors that, on a roll, will trigger the bonus game. You will have to act according to what is chosen.

Cash Hunt

Cash Hunt is a bonus game that is in one sector of 54. If Cash Hunt rolls, the odds will have extra multipliers. Elements on the wheel are shuffled and closed with random symbols. The countdown begins, during which you will need to aim the cannon at the intended area with the best rewards and shoot. When the countdown ends the cannon fires and you will be able to see new scores to replace the old ones.

Coin Flip

This game can be called an improved Heads or Tails. The rules of this bonus game will not surprise you with anything new, but it is the most fun game you can play. When you activate it you will see a coin tossed by the dealer. Each side of it will have a hidden multiplier that will increase the payout from your bet. The coin falls, and the side on top wins. When the Top Slot is applied, the bet can even be increased by a thousand times. If a small multiplier comes up, the dealer can flip another coin for free.


If the Pachinko slot comes up, a wall of multiplier bricks appears before players, each with a different multiplier. Once familiarized, the dealer throws a ball, which knocks down a random multiplier and increases the user's bet. In addition, in the section below there is a doubling, which also gives the opportunity to play the round again. If the puck hits a small payoff, you can throw it again.

Crazy Time

This is a real jewel and all users wish for this bonus to fall just for them. On a roll, a new world of Tivoli opens up with a huge money tree in the center of the universe. You'll need to choose a certain color (yellow, blue and green are available), which should lead to the multiplier. If you guess correctly, this process will continue. The maximum is x25000.

crazy time game rules

Crazy time tactics and strategy

The strategy feature when playing the Crazy Time gambling slot is the ability to make big bets on sectors. It can be frightening at first glance, yet the slot offers a huge payout. Making large bets on each spin will greatly increase your chance of getting a winning combination, which can even lead to the jackpot. Play it right and get the most out of it! However, do not get carried away and get too greedy.

It is important to be careful when playing Crazy Time casino slot. Some users believe that you can often bet a little at a time with a guarantee of winnings. Sometimes making big bets is more profitable if you do it right, because it makes it possible to get a much higher payout.

Watch Wait

One of the most effective tactics is called "Watch and Wait". This strategy is suitable for users of arcade machines and other entertainment by evolution gaming. It helps to classify the gameplay in the short and long range. Before starting the game, it is imperative to familiarize yourself with the statistics of recent spins. This strategy is suitable for long range income with a financial expectation of 10-15 spins. If it suits you, you will need to wait for the bonus game, which fall about once every 6-7 spins. It is on them and will need to make average bets. Thus, every 3-4 spins you will need to bet on the bonus sectors or adjacent cells. If the bonus does not fall out, high bets should be made closer to 7-8 spin, closing the gift sectors. You'll need patience, but if you wait until your spin, you'll recoup your previous costs.

Tactic Success in Caution

This tactic is ideal for beginners or those players who do not want to wait long for profits. You will need to slowly increase your betting amount by small amounts. Minimal risk with a permanent increase of your deposit. Your task is to keep track of the probability of stopping the reel at multipliers x1, x2, x5, x10. Their probability of falling out is around 75, so out of 4 spins 3 will be winning, which will more than compensate your costs. It works in such a way that the minimum bet is compensated by the video slot above. If you bet 500 rubles on a cell with a multiplier of x2, you can also get x5, which will increase your bet by 10 times in total. And this will be with a small bet amount per sector. As the bets increase and the payout limit will increase significantly. Winning in Crazy Time with such tactics will not be the fastest, but the minimal risk will compensate for this inconvenience, allowing users to enjoy the gameplay.

Martingale Strategy in Crazy Time

When playing gaming tactics, you cannot forget about the Martingale strategy, used by many bettors and players around the world. In order to use the strategy, you will need a significant deposit and the confidence to follow the following rules:

  • You will need to bet a little bit at a time on four sectors with bonus games.
  • If your initial bet falls after a spin, the bets are updated;
  • If the minimum does not fall out, the amount of each cell is doubled;
  • When multiple spins of Crazy Time occur, you will begin to understand the average bonus value.

This tactic only works effectively when you fall out the average bonus value. Anything with a multiplier greater than x8 will be in the black.

An example. You have an initial bet of 50 rubles, you need to bet on all sectors with bonuses, it turns out 200 rubles. If a sector with a minimum value comes up, you repeat your bet. If a different value falls, you need to double the value and continue the game, 50 * 2 = 100 for each sector, and the total comes out 400. Subsequent increases of 100*2=200 and 800 is the total bet. When the bonus rolls out, the bet will already be around 1600 rubles, and the amount that exceeds the bonus x8 is deposited, covering all costs. This tactic perfectly preserves your balance, allowing you to come out in a small plus. The exception is Crazy Time bets of significant amounts, which greatly increases the potential profit.

Tactics Bold - Fortune's Favorites

For experienced players with a good bankroll who are used to taking risks. If you feel you have to play as follows:

  • Make only high stakes;
  • Your priority is to win the Crazy Time sector;
  • The main objective is to win big money;
  • If the wheel stops on this cell, choose the color of the arrows according to your intuition alone.
  • when you choose correctly, you can increase your bet well.

This is a risky strategy that provides a good level of pot so you can go all the way through the game. Even if the bets don't play they are outweighed by the small winnings.

Low Volatility Strategy

This is often used by casino visitors who know how to handle their finances with a cool head, knowing when to stop and not risk their money too much. To win at Crazy Time you need to make a deposit and go to Crazy Time, then allocate your money wisely and bet each bet responsibly relying on all your open options.

If you have a bankroll of 1000 rubles, bet 100 rubles on each sector (play, x10, x5, x2, x1). In the end, you have a bankroll of 1,000 and 10 betting options. If the winnings came out less than your initial bet, the first spin can give you a few extra rounds. The main objective is to keep the balance in pristine condition over the long distance of the game. This strategy will increase your chances of multiplying your initial bet and receiving additional gifts. For optimal volatility settings, it is worth covering only extra rounds and betting small amounts in crazy time.

crazy time strategy and tactics

How to calculate the outcome in Crazy Time online

If you were wondering why players need Crazy Time stats, we have the answer! Seasoned players know that with Evolution Gaming online slots it is crucial to keep track of the results and track the statistics you use when you are waiting for the intended sector to hit the reel. Based on these statistics, betas can be tracked for results that are more likely to happen. Remember that the drum does not remember the results of past spins, so each new spin is independent of what happened before. Thanks to the law of large numbers you can understand that it all comes down to an alignment of results, but the main question is exactly when will it happen?

Crazy Time players use statistics not only as analytical data, but also to be able to verify the honesty of the machine. Each jackpot is documented so that all casino customers can see it. You can register using your email. Therefore, you can't say that there are no big winnings in the machine, and the players have no real benefits. The creators of the institution do not alter the gameplay and do not change the RTP chance, thanks to which the game process is as transparent as possible and everyone can win the jackpot.

Conclusion on the effectiveness of strategies

There is simply no universal strategy that could suit everyone and tell the best way to win. All tactics have advantages and disadvantages that will not work for everyone. To find an effective style of play, you should use trial and error, recording your winnings and losses over short and long distances. The best option is to study and monitor the statistics section.